Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back At It

Quick Update:

I'm in my fourth week of official "training" right now and it's feeling really good. We (Coach Wendy and I) have been easing me back into it - adding miles really slowly - and so far so good. Last week I ran 27 miles. This week I will run 30. It feels like a far cry from the 50 mpw I was doing before I got injured, but I know I'll get back there.

It's hard - really hard - starting from scratch. It's one thing to start from scratch when you've taken some down time after a big goal race. It sucks starting from scratch when I lost it all due to a stupid, quirky, injury.

People have asked me if the injury was a sign that I am not supposed to run so much. I can answer that one easily: no. The injury was an anomaly. They happen. It was not an overuse injury. And neither my physical therapist nor my doctor think there is something fundamental about my bio-mechanics (or whatever) that mean I shouldn't run. I am true believer that everyone can and should run (and by everyone I mean everyone, even the people who claim they have bad knees) and I'll argue that one until I am blue in the face.

So I am back at it. What's my plan? My tentative plan is to run my 50-miler in May, after exams and before graduation. Registration for the race isn't until December, so I want to wait until I am officially "in" before I confirm. But I don't think it will be a problem.

I'm still fundraising! I am fully committed to completing my 50 for 35 challenge and I am excited that it is now back on track. Thank you to those who have supported me thus far. If you haven't, I'd love to have you as a part of my journey, supporting the amazing Jacob's Ladder School and Therapy Center. Click here to learn more and contribute today! No amount is too small, every little bit will help me towards achieving my goal! Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!